Corporal Maxwell Q Klinger

Corporal Maxwell Q Klinger - Another regular nurse character on "M*A*S*H" is Lt. Ginger Bayliss, played by Odessa Cleveland. One of the show's only notable black characters (the show's straitjacket looks no different), Nurse Bellis appeared in 26 episodes over the show's first four seasons.

She is one of the strongest nurses at the camp and is often shown as a friend of Hawkeye and Trapper. In the final episodes of the series, Klinger becomes engaged to Soon Lee Han (Rosaland Chow), a Korean refugee.

Corporal Maxwell Q Klinger

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Ironically, he was free to leave Korea after the war ended but soon decided to stay to help find his family. He reprises his role on "AfterM*A*S*H" for two seasons but is lucky to play an anarchic clown.

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"I'm not a handsome guy like Rock Hudson, I'm a movie star, so I'm proud to be just a working actor," Farr told We're the Mighty. It didn't take long for Son Lee and Clanger to find their family.

After their lives were destroyed in the war, Klinger helped Son Li's parents re-establish themselves as farmers. Klinger and Son Lee returned to the States. Unfortunately, Klinger's family did not take kindly to his marriage to a Korean.

Toledo Klinger was arrested for making the book. A judge dismissed the charges when he agreed to leave Toledo to work for Sherman Potter at a VA hospital in Missouri. Klinger married his childhood sweetheart Laverne through a long-distance affair.

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The marriage did not last long, soon ending in divorce when Klinger discovered that the woman was having an affair while he was away and took most of the money sent home for his own agenda.

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was In the last days of the war, Klinger met a Korean woman named Son Lee, who had been arrested by the army for shooting a soldier. To say he took the rifle. With Klinger's help, he is freed when it is discovered that the bullet that shot the soldier was not his weapon.

The two fall in love, and after a fight, Father Mulcahy marries her, and asks her to consider naming her children after him. Much to the amusement of the rest of the camp, Klinger decides to stay in Korea after the war to help Son Lee look for his family.

Fans of the early years of "M*A*S*H" will remember the character of Captain Calvin Spaulding, played by musical minded Dr. Loudon Wainwright III who appeared in a few episodes. At 75, Wainwright is still an artist, though he's a musician these days.

As a singer-songwriter, he is perhaps best known for his hit comedy single "Dead Skunk (Middle of the Road)". His latest studio album, "I'd Rather Lead a Band" was released in 2020. He won the Grammy Award for Best Male Album in 2010.

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I will not argue with gender restriction. I think we all stand in the same place. I am the daughter of two Army sergeants and am best friends with one of the few transgender people serving in the military.

This is a transphobic policy that needs to end. Although not a major role, GW Bailey's role as Sergeant Rizzo was great to see on "M*A*S*H." The manager of a car pool, Rizzo is often used as a security guard in various scenes of the show when other people want to use the Jeep or borrow money.

A chain smoker and talker, he never reached the series' climax, but remained a solid member of the 4077th until the end of the series. It made me really dig to remember my thoughts from 30+ years ago.

The funds I missed were that I thought he was a moron on the important topics of war, war and surgery. At one point I recall some idea of ​​a hang glider escape attempt in which Colonel Black described it as "a big red bird with a slow pink charge".

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Why does he feel the need to "escape" from a camp that isn't really a prison? Why does he do this by writing so… Read more » By season 8, Klinger stopped wearing clothes. However, you saw her in a nightgown and fur coat.

This indicates that he will stop wearing it to get out of the Army, but it is a gift to the women who wear it.

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