Fort Carson Gate 1

Fort Carson Gate 1 - Beginning February 8, 2021, visitors to Fort Carson will require proof of sponsorship to obtain a facility entry pass. A visitor is defined as an individual who wishes to engage in personal interests or social interactions.

All sponsors must be assigned to a unit at Fort Carson, live in Fort Carson, or otherwise be accessible. Military families with two spouses assigned to Ft Carson should contact the Fort Carson UPH Specialist at 7301, Room 103, 719-526-0570, to obtain a Certificate of Absence/Residence on Post (CNA).

Fort Carson Gate 1

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All staff are instructed not to legally enter into a lease or rental agreement until they receive a CNA. A valid state-issued driver's license. All government-issued IDs must comply with the Department of Homeland Security's REAL ID Act.

Proof Of Sponsorship

ANSWER RE: Government-issued IDs that do not comply with REAL ID are not valid for access to the facility. NON-REAL ID Act IDs usually have one of the following phrases: "Not valid for federal identification"; "Federal restrictions apply;"

or "Not a real identity". All personnel who request unauthorized entry to Fort Carson and do not have a DOD identification card or installation passport will be subject to a background check by the National Criminal Intelligence Center (NCIC).

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This background check includes an identity and criminal history check. Unofficial foreign visitors may qualify for unscheduled entry. These visitors must have a valid ID. You must also first accompany the sponsoring DOD ID card to the Visitor Center.

This sponsor must be assigned to a department or reside in Fort Carson. The range is now equipped for gun hire. Guns, rifles and shotguns are available for rent. To rent our firearms you must meet the following age requirements.

Visitor Access Requirements

If you are a minor, you can shoot the rented gun, but the renter respects the age limit for renting. If you have any questions, please contact the district office for more information. Visitors can apply online at from their computer or mobile device.

Visitors will get a seamless check-in and after entering information such as a driver's license or passport number, will be notified if their passport is approved or rejected. If approved, they can go to the kiosks at Visitor Control Center 1 to issue their passports.

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DOD ID cards, VA cards, and non-DOD cardholders are eligible to hunt at Fort Carson and the PiƱon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS). To hunt on post or PCMS, hunters must have a valid Fort Carson recreation permit, Colorado Parks and Wildlife hunting tag, firearms registered on post, and a valid passport.

They also provide an annual holiday safety briefing. Camp Carson housed approximately 9,000 Axis prisoners of war beginning in 1943. In 1950, the operation was renamed Fort Carson, and training activities increased, and by the early 1980s, the mission had expanded to more than 137,000 acres.

Convenience Delivery Drivers

Topics Covered: Security; Rules of handling, use and storage of the rifle, Use of birdshot, knives and magazines, Patterning, tube and port loading, Fixing the stop, use of side saddle shell carriers, Choose a hook load, Low-ready, ready-fire and high-fire ready positions, Arrow

-selecting drugs, Pointing/displaying a gun, levels of awareness, Avoiding collisions, psychological and physiological effects of defensive collisions, Students are provided with a rifle, equipment and 95 rounds of ammunition.

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