Marine In Russia Prison

Marine In Russia Prison - Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden are meeting in Geneva, and one of the most important issues expected to be discussed is whether the world will wait to hear if two Americans will return home to return home.

and Russians imprisoned in the country. America. "There is a lot of hope for a good result, but in this case, political thinking, bad values ​​for the United States and games of special operations have led to a sad result," Mr.

Marine In Russia Prison

Former Us Marine Describes 'Terrible' Time In Russia Prison As Biden Admin  Negotiates Releasing Griner, Whelan | Fox NewsSource:

Zherebenkov said about the decision. John Sullivan, the US ambassador to Russia at the time, perhaps said it best when he issued a statement condemning the incident, saying: “If they can do it to Paul, they can do it to anyone.

Trevor Reed

"Secret trial with no ability to defend himself... It's unfair, besides the way he was wronged." them in America: Viktor Bout, one of the biggest arms dealers in the world, who is nicknamed "The Merchant of Death," and Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is currently serving as a ruler.

What Brittney Griner's Life Will Be Like Inside A Russian Penal ColonySource:

pilots. long prison terms for drug trafficking. However, Russian politicians and supporters of the Kremlin have cited his example as a prime example of blackmail by the United States. Mr. Yaroshenko's family said he was abused while in custody in Connecticut.

The prisoners renewed their hope for the release of Ms. Greener, 31, whose W.N.B.A. the player who was arrested in Russia on suspicion of drug use can be imprisoned for up to 10 years. He added, "If bad actors like Russia are going to target innocent Americans, then the United States needs to respond quickly and immediately and plan ahead."

"I can't imagine he [Paul] hopes the government will compromise his freedom at this point. It's clear that the US government has no concessions from the Russian government on Paul Whelan. So Paul will remain prisoner. until that changes."

Russia Sentences Trevor Reed, Former U.s. Marine, To 9 Years - The New York  TimesSource:

Mr. Richardson said on CNN on Wednesday that he believed Mr. Biden's request for Mr. Reid's release was motivated by humanitarian need. Family members reported that he was suffering from tuberculosis while in custody in Russia.

"So, the call at least serves as 'life assurance', even if it is not clear; when Paul went there, why, why did the call stop, why did the American embassy ask for information about and where he is and the Russian authorities. He refuses to answer and so on," said David Whelan. Russia has been asking Yaroshenko to return him for years while it has refused requests by senior US officials for Reed's release.

who is about to complete 1,000 days of detention, and whose health has recently declined, according to his family.

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