War Movies On Peacock

War Movies On Peacock - The X-Men movies have lost cache in recent years thanks to multiple underground efforts, but the franchise's early entries are still some of the best superhero movies around, including the team's first big-screen appearance under the X-Men moniker.

The fourth installment in this Keanu Reeves series finally comes out this month, and Peacock now has what you need to get (after a brief run for this trilogy on HBO Max), just the first three films in the critically acclaimed series.

War Movies On Peacock

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a professional killer who takes revenge on anyone connected to the death of his dog. Reeves is perfect in these tight action versions. We can't wait for chapter 4 either. Steven Spielberg's filmography is lined with classics like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws, Saving Private Ryan and more, but it's E.T.

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which showcases his most iconic cinematography and may actually be a dark horse contender for Best Picture from the prolific director. The heist is fun and the film has some great turns from Ving Rhames, Steve Zahn, Albert Brooks and Don Cheadle, but what makes Out of Sight such a good film is the chemistry between Clooney's criminal and US Marshal Jennifer Lopez.

-when collecting electricity. Being John Malkovich tells the story of a puppeteer who accidentally opens a portal that puts him in the body of actor John Malkovich. At first it's just along the way, but soon he, his wife, and the woman they both love are able to take control of Malkovich's life for their own benefit.

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Donnie Yen is a holy name in the martial arts genre of movie lore, and you can see why with all five Ip Man movies now available on Peacock. They tell the semi-true story of Ip Man, a legendary leader in the world of martial arts, who trained Bruce Lee.

These are not traditional biographical or martial arts films, acting as a hybrid of period piece and action. We've all seen the story of a group of boys who go into the woods and get involved in something bad.

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The nice thing about The Cabin in the Woods is that writer/director Drew Goddard (with Joss Whedon credited for co-starring) knows this and uses preconceived notions for the audience in a satirical and very entertaining reimagining of the horror genre.

. After A History of Violence, audiences knew exactly what was in store for the collaboration between star Viggo Mortensen and director David Cronenberg (brutalism and great storytelling!). Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to get them into theaters for this 2007 crime thriller. A lyrical and moving coming-of-age film, Caro's adaptation of the 1987 novel stars Keisha Castle-Hughes as a 12-year-old girl in a Maori tribe who aspires to

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become the chief of their tribe, a role reserved only for men. in the tribe. More than a children's story (even if it is), Whale Rider is a film that never talks down to kids, understanding their goals and fears in a way that feels both poetic and real.

A sequel to the beloved first film, Shrek 2 proves to be as memorable (and memorable) with its message of self-acceptance as it is endlessly funny and surprisingly heartwarming. Immediately following the events of Shrek, newlyweds Shrek (Mike Myers) and Fiona (Cameron Diaz) are invited to a royal ball by Fiona's far-away parents, the King and Queen.

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What ensues is the heartwarming and somewhat painful first meeting of Shrek and his new in-laws, as well as the sudden appearance of the fairy goddess (Jennifer Saunders), who wants to raise her son, Prince Charming (Rupert Everett).

, be the one to marry instead of Fiona. Fun, imaginative and filled with an iconic soundtrack, Shrek 2 is one of those movies that is sure to make you laugh. - Olivia Fitzpatrick

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